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Lindsey Vonn Will Marry Tiger Woods Only If He Agrees to Give Her Half in a Divorce

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2013
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Tiger Woods Drunk Face

Call me crazy, but this might be a bit of a red flag. Eddie Murphy warned us about this in 1987, but guys are still making the same mistake.

Tiger Woods is thinking about getting married, but Lindsey Vonn has some rules.

“During a heart-to-heart about their future in early May, Tiger swore he’s a changed man and told Lindsey that he wants to buy her a ring this summer,” The Enquirer’s source said. “Tiger also casually mentioned that he’d already contacted his lawyers about drawing up a prenup to protect his assets.”

The 28-year-old Vonn reportedly wants half of those assets if their marriage goes belly up. She even wants a cash payout for each affair.

“Lindsey told Tiger that she’d marry him, but said that she wants half of his $600 million fortune if they divorce,” said the source. “And as insurance against him straying, Lindsey warned Tiger that he’ll also have to sign an agreement to give her a lump sum of $20 million for every incidence of cheating.”

Slow down Tiger…….You just gave your ex-wife $110 million, I am going to need you to settle down.

No need to be getting a ring this quickly, have some fun, chill on your yacht and bothering Sergio. Don’t end up like Johnny Carson.

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  1. A.C says:

    Run, Tiger, Run…………..After you hit it a few more times.

  2. Truth says:

    this is crazy , but this is a case where you cant blame vonn , she might come across as a money chaser after those statement but she just might be trying to make sure it lasts.

  3. Jimmy A says:

    No way he hell he gives her half, his first wife didnt get half without a pre-nup.

  4. yutaman says:

    really make sure it lasts makin it so he has to pay her half is no way to make it last
    tiger just walk a way

  5. karen lagace says:

    If Lindsay marries Tiger,I hope she gets a lifetime prescription for penincillin.

    • babydave says:

      i hope she take him for all his money !st any one crazy enough to give someone 1/2 of 600 million deserves to be taken and 20 million for each affair..hope she get tested every time so she doesn’t get something or as another person posted plenty of penincillin

  6. Jon McNeil says:

    And who says you can’t buy a white woman–this makes two–the third will take the rest of his money–then he will be a “usta”–“usta” be good at golf–“usta” have plenty of money–“usta” buy white woman when he wanted!!!!

  7. jedotter says:

    Sounds like Lyndsey’s philosophy is what’s mine is mine,and what’s yours is mine!!!!

  8. Flo says:

    The world is round, not flat and square as earlier explorers thought. So Tiger Woods saddle your horse. Learn from your earlier mistakes. Do not get married to that person who wants not only a half of your earnings, but she is asking for additional moneys. She is a HAWK. Watch out for vampires Tiger. At least do not marry now. How long have you been dating this person? She wants popularity and to have you dig your grave. Do not do that. Get rid of her buy her no ring!! Watch out keep your zippers in place and look for a kinder person, sincere and caring. No no fly by night and no run around. Pay attention to values such as
    Dignity, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty,Beauty of Soul and Spirit. You worked had laying your golf game. Have no more children now. Preserve your melanin. Find a female of your Father’s people. Make no bones about it. Focus on your happiness, your lasting joy. Stop running down the aisle every minute. Establish friendship first. Commonality of virtues. When you marry this time, it must be for keeps, not to divorce and marry again. Where are your values. Establish priorities. Remember you already have 2 little children. Spend good valuable time with them. Also look at your siblings children and spend some time with them. Get to know them well, after all they are family also. Resign from the thought of too early marriage. Stay away from traps. Beelzebub rideth nigh! Keep your purse secure. Refrain from dolling out your moneys. Act sensibly. No more stupidity. Look before you leap. Think of the consequences of your actions. Deeds fall upon the third and fourth generation. Plant good seeds. Drop very little by the wayside.

  9. vivian says:

    These women love your money they dont love you take care of your kids and stay single for life.

  10. Hollis Howard says:

    Fck Linsay Vonn in th (A)ss. who the Fck does he think she is??
    Tiger I can see you like to prowl amongst the blond athletes of the world
    I can guarantee if you like that kind of action that there are younger, prettier, hotter
    young ladies than Ms Vonn at any college or University in the Scandanavian world.

    Go make some some guest apperancs teaching your woods technique to some young talent
    at the University of Denmark and you’ll walk away with more than Ms Vonn your first day.
    Fck Lidsay Lohan and Fck Lindsay Vonn

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    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am fairly certain I will learn plenty of new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for the next!

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