Man Gets Floyd Mayweather Back Tattoo (Photo)

Floyd Mayweather Back Tattoo

If we want to look at this glass half full, the tattoo is expertly done.

Now, the part that is half empty, is that for the rest of his life any time this guy takes off his shirt for a woman, she is going to be seeing Mayweather’s smiling face and his Bentley.

Just think about that for a minute. It is your body and you can do with whatever you want with it. If you want Floyd Mayweather’s face on you, more power to you.

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports for the photo.

One thought on “Man Gets Floyd Mayweather Back Tattoo (Photo)

  • LOL…..Mayweather should make Ms Jackson get the same tattoo so he can look at himself when he hitin it from the back…

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