Man Wanted by Police For Stealing Falcons Julio Jones’ Rent Check

Corey Dajohn Moody Mugshot

I hear this isn’t as uncommon as you might think. Apartment complexes sometime hire shady people and those shady people in turn do things like Corey Dajohn Moody.

According to policem courtesy of Moody worked at the Preserve at Mill Creek apartment complex where Julio Jones and former Falcons Christopher Owens lived.

Moody stole two rent checks one for $1500 from Jones and one for 1,243.60 from Owens. They were old rent checks that Moody tried to deposit a second time, but this time in his account. Moody unsuccessfully tried to deposit Jones’ check using a Chase Bank Smartphone app, but was able to deposit Owens’ check by changing the check number from 217 to 1217 at a local Chase branch.

Both attempts were flagged immediately and a warrant was issued for Moody on two counts of theft by receiving stolen property.

He is still on the run.