Mario Williams’ Ex-Fiancee Leaks More Texts In Quest to Keep $785k Engagement Ring


Mario Williams Erin Marzouki

For someone who allegedly doesn’t want to have anything to do with Mario Williams and has no plans on selling the engagement ring, she is fighting pretty strongly to keep it.

Her lawyer has released another round of texts showing that Williams wanted her to keep the ring.

“Keep those material things. It means nothing to me anymore: and “I said keep it” and “KEEP IT! Remember me by it.” In another series of messages, Williams is said to have written, “She said she was going to keep the ring n told her fine. I put down using material things as leverage long ago. She is free to be n do as she wants.”

Also introduced as an exhibit with the motion was a March 4 e-mail in which Williams wrote that he wanted to repair his relationship with Marzouki and said, “I just want to verbally discuss and answer things knowing you have closed the door, I still can’t say one thing bad about you that sticks.”

Williams might have to take the L on this one. Erin Marzouki and her attorneys are out for blood and don’t care what they have to do to make sure she can keep that ring.


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