Mark Cuban Takes Another Shot At Deron Williams


Much has been made of the Dallas Mavericks making a half-hearted run at Deron Williams during last summers free agency period, allow Williams to remain with the Brooklyn Nets.

During an interview with ESPN Dallas, Cuban was asked whether he intentionally sabotaged his team’s efforts to sign Williams, because he preferred to make a run at free agents available this summer.

Cuban responded with a snarky answer about his TV show.

“Did you see that episode of ‘Shark Tank’ I filmed that day. It was amazing,” Cuban replied on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM.

Williams ended up choosing the Nets over the Mavericks, in-part because Cuban reportedly chose to film an episode of “Shark Tank.”

Cuban said before that he was glad the Mavericks didn’t sign Williams because they would’ve lost all their cap flexibility.

“It’s not about signing a maxed-out player,” Cuban said. “It’s about building a championship team. If you just add $75 million to your payroll, you’re stuck, and I didn’t want to be stuck. That’s the position we didn’t want to be in.”

The Nets of course have a roster loaded with max level contracts, and a max contract star in Williams, who did little to show he deserved such a deal.

Maybe Cuban knows what he’s talking about.