Mark Jackson: Denver Nuggets Played Dirty

Mark Jackson



Playoff basketball always has a different type of feel to the game when you watch it.

From the energy exhibited by both sides to the sometimes chippy plays that can take place between opposing teams, playoffs mean a whole new intensity level.

So if you watch yesterday’s Game 5 Western Conference quarterfinal match-up between the Warriors and Nuggets, you know things got chippy on multiple occasions  So much so, that Warriors head coach Mark Jackson decided to let it be known that he thought it went a little too far.

“They tried to send hit men on Steph,” Jackson said.

“Some dirty plays early,” Jackson said. “It’s playoff basketball, that’s all right. We own it. But make no mistake about it, we went up 3-1 playing hard, physical, clean basketball – not trying to hurt anybody.”

I think Game 6 in Oakland just became all the more interesting.