Marlins Are 40% Responsible For Drop In MLB Attendance

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The Miami Marlins have reached a new low…even by their standards.

Deadspin broke the news stemming from an article penned by Tom Verducci in Sports Illustrated how the Marlins are 40% to blame for the 2.9 percent drop in MLB attendance.

Baseball attendance is down 2.9 percent, but the Miami Marlins alone account for 40 percent of the decline in tickets sold, and the weather in many places has been brutal. Much has been made about low attendance at interleague games this week, with the Mets and Yankees, for instance, failing to attract their usual sellouts.

There’s no doubt Jeffrey Loria’s ‘brilliance’ is to blame for this disturbing number. When you take a billion’s dollars worth of tax payer money to build a new stadium and then trade all of the newly acquired talent after a season this is the results you get.

Why Selig continues to allow this type of bait and switch management is beyond me, it’s only going to hurt the sport as a whole.