Matt Cassel: I Taught Tom Brady Everything He Knows


Before everybody gets in an uproar, I have to assume he was joking.  Matt Cassel was doing an interview with Vikings media when he was asked about being brought in to bring stability and veteran leadership to Christian Ponder and the Vikings.

Cassel answering in a cool, calm, and collective tone, told The Pioneer Press, that he’s the man for the job, because “he taught Tom Brady everything he Knows.”

“I taught Tom everything. I thought he really started to flourish after I got there. (Laughs.) A lot of people don’t understand how much time we spend together. It’s important to be together and be good teammates. And when you have a good (quarterback) room, it makes everybody better in the room. That’s what it’s all about.”

Pretty cool of Cassel after all his struggles in Kansas City to still have a sense of humor.  I guess things are funny now that he gets a nice check, with none of the pressures of being a starter.