Matthew Stafford: The Lions are My Team

Matthew Stafford



The key for the Lions this year is really simple in my humble opinion. The team won 10 games and made the playoffs for the first time in 12 years in the 2011 season following 40 Touchdowns and 16 INTs from quarterback Matthew Stafford. But then fell to just 4 win in 2012 after Stafford only managed to throw 20 Touchdowns and 17 INTs. Coincidence? I think not.

The success of the Lions will mainly hinge on the progression of their young signal caller. Not just on the field, as a key component of taking that next step as a quarterback is becoming a leader. Stafford talked with the media Wednesday  and had a quick response when asked whether or not he feels this is his team.

Per “Yeah, absolutely,” Stafford said. “I’m a year older. I’ve been through it that much longer. I think guys on the team understand that and respond to it.”‘

I think a good sign was the fact that Stafford answered so confidently. If you have been following the Lions over the recent years, behavior and discipline have been one of their biggest issues.

If their young quarterback can take the reigns and lead, it looks like his teammates plan to follow.