Maurice Jones-Drew Charged With Battery After Knocking Out Bouncer


TMZ is reporting that Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has been charged with battery after knocking out a nightclub security guard.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Jones Drew is accused of knocking  the security guard out during a fight at the Conch House in St. Augustine, Fl.

The incident took place during “Reggae Sundays” at the Conch House restaurant on May 26.

According to the report, witnesses say Jones-Drew’s friend was told by security to stop touching a young female. The friend allegedly touched the security guard’s chest, and a brawl ensued.

The security guard reportedly  goes by the nickname “Hillbilly.”  Hillbilly reportedly put Jones-Drew’s friend in a headlock. and that’s when MJD dropped him.

After the incident, Hillbilly reported it to police, and cops noted that the guy’s jaw was “swollen a great deal and had a large lump on his jaw bone.”

Hillbilly was hospitalized after the melee, and doctors found contusions and a bone bruise, but no broken bones.


Police are now saying they made a mistake and haven’t charged MJD with anything yet, but he is a person an interest.

Here was the original statement from police saying that MJD had been charged with battery.  By the way MJD has gotten a little husky.

Maurice Jones Drew Fat

3 thoughts on “Maurice Jones-Drew Charged With Battery After Knocking Out Bouncer

  • I expect this type of behavior from Shawn Merriman, but not Maurice Jones Drew. In the future, I hope Mr. Drew can make better decisions when he is not in uniform.

  • Sucker punched the guy.
    Pretty impressive.

  • This story has gotten a lot of “copy and paste” in the media but the facts first reported were incorrect. The media is now full of sloppy lemmings.

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