Melky Cabrera Will Receive World Series Ring Despite Testing Positive For PED’s


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Whether you agree with the decision or not former San Francisco Giant and current Blue Jay Melky Cabrera will in fact receive a world series ring despite having no actual contribution in the Series due to a suspension over use of a banned substance.

NBC Sports reports:

Cabrera will receive his championship ring when the Giants visit the Blue Jays, Cabrera’s new team, on Tuesday. Manager Bruce Bochy performed a similar act last month with Chicago Cubs’ right fielder  Nate Schierholtz, who was traded shortly before Cabrera was suspended for use of a banned substance last summer.


Surely there will be those chirping against the decision–the baseball purists always let their very loud voices be known in situations such as this.

But one could easily make the argument that if not for Cabrera’s contributions in the regular season the Giants wouldn’t have made it to the World Series in the first place. Let us not forget, that when Cabrera left the game due to suspension he held the highest batting average in the league and was well on his way to an MVP and batting title.

Should there be an uproar over Cabrera getting a ring or has he paid his debt?


  1. “despite having no actual contribution in the Series”
    He did win the MVP of the All Star game which locked up home field advantage for the Giants. I’d say thats a worthy contribution.

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