Memphis Coach Lionel Hollins Forgets Jerryd Bayless’ Name (VIDEO)

Lionel Hollins forgets Jerryd Bayless Name

If you watched Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, you witnessed the San Antonio Spurs exploiting the Memphis Grizzlies, which resulted in a 105-83 blowout.

Although it was a painful game to watch, it’s game 1 so there is no need for the Grizzlies to hit the panic button just yet. However, something should be said for their head coach Lionel Hollins forgetting his backup point guard’s name.

Coach Hollins, at the tender age of 59, had a senior moment last night following the lost to the Spurs. While at the podium, Hollins was asked about Quincy Pondexter contribution. Hollins took that opportunity to ramble on about additional players who needed to step up, but there was one issue, he forgot the name of one of his players.

“Gosh, I can’t remember his name…”


Jerryd Bayless isn’t a house hold name or a star player, but he is a productive member of the Grizzlies and provides them with a spark coming off the bench.

It’s safe to say Coach Hollins was still distraught over his Grizzlies disastrous game 1 performance, which is why he had a slip of memory and forgot his backup point guard’s name. Hopefully that won’t happen again.