Memphis Grizzlies: Back to the Drawing Board

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Many people who have placed their bets on the Memphis Grizzlies were extremely disappointed when their team lost against the San Antonio Spurs. If you have always wagered on the Grizzlies for your sportsbook betting, you surely want to know what your favorite basketball team will do next to make it to the finals next season. While Lionel Hollins waits for the decision of the management as to whether they will keep him as head coach or not.

Fans are still not over the Grizzlies’ fall because of the high expectations set by critics and most sportsbook review sites such as The San Antonio Spurs may have swept the Grizzlies, but this may just be the kind of motivation that they need. Sportsbook enthusiasts may have to watch out for this team next Playoffs and hope that they can receive better sports odds the next time they play.

One of the prominent changes that the Grizzlies should make is in the offensive end. They already have their two big men Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Then there is still improving point guard Mike Conley. However, the Big 3 could not match the shooting precision of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and the other shooters from Spurs. Everyone knows that the Grizzlies’ biggest offense is right at the paint, which is why they need to improve on their perimeter shooting. Signing a shooter may perhaps help big in this aspect. They may already have Quincy Pondexter, Mike Conley and Jerry Bayless as their perimeter players, but they will do much better if they have another efficient shooter in the team.

The Memphis Grizzlies should also give Quincy Pondexter a bigger role next regular season. Many fans may have been upset with the result of the Spurs vs. Grizzlies match, but a huge number of sports critics and the team itself discovered that there is a big potential on their reserve star. Quincy Pondexter, Memphis’ small forward could easily become a steady source of outside shooting for the Grizz. This is the reason why he may become a larger part of the team next season instead of spending minutes on the bench. In the last four games of the Playoffs, Memphis chose Prince over Pondexter perhaps due to him having more postseason experience. However, each time Pondexter was on the floor, he did show fine shooting strokes particularly from the three point range. This was not seen back when he was still in college basketball and last year when he was mostly irrelevant.

There are also talks about Zach Randolph being traded next season especially because of his massive contract of over $34 million in the next two years. Although he was only up 11 points with his 30.2% shooting against the San Antonio Spurs, he was never considered a liability this season. The problem is that Memphis does not have the flexibility in terms of financial sources for next season. In addition, Z-Bo is not one of the untouchable players on the roster like Conley and Gasol. Both Lionel Hollins and Zach Randolph may have to wait for their fate from the GM of Memphis Grizzlies for a few weeks or so. This may either be good or not for those who love to go betting on sports particularly on the side of the Grizzlies.

Another team member worth mentioning is Tony Allen. His contract will expire very soon and it is essential that they re-sign Allen. Sure, Gasol gets the Defender of the Year recognition, but Allen is also a very capable defender, and has lately proved to be reliable in offense as well. With guys like Allen, Memphis can go against teams like the Miami Heat, and have better chances of winning. The same thing could be said if they play against other heavy shooting teams. This is where their defense is much needed as Gasol and Randolph have huge bodies that could limit the offensive opportunities of the other teams.

With these changes, online sports wagering on the Memphis Grizzlies may give fans better chances of winning as they side with their favorite basketball team.

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  • Why does everyone underestimate the Spurs?
    Superstar, check
    Hall of Famers, check
    Great coach, check
    Depth, check
    I am the least bit surprised

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