Michigan State Recruit Jay Harris Giving Up Football To Become Rapper (Video)


Jay Harris was a highly rated wide receiver prospect out of Downingtown East high school in nearby Exton, PA.  The school located has an amazingly rich tradition of excellent football, and churning out excellent football players.

Alumni of Downingtown East include, former Delaware Blue Hen and current Dolphins backup Pat Devlin and many more.  Senior wide receiver prospect Jay Harris was supposed to be next in the lineage of outstanding football players.

Then something completely insane happened along the way.  The 5-foot-11 162 pound Harris decided he wanted to be a rapper recently.

Harris was a Michigan State recruit who was expected to do big things.  Jay Harris is no longer a Michigan State recruit according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and now goes by the moniker of “Jay DatBull.”

For those who may not understand the language of my city, DatBull, is simply slang for “that boy.”

Both parties involved say they walked away from each other.  Harris says he made the decision on his own to pursue rapping.

Michigan State says they stripped Harris of his scholarship earlier this month after he posted a series of profanity-laced rap videos on YouTube, a source said Tuesday.

His first single, “DatBull 4 Life,” reportedly surpassed 50,000 views over the weekend and appears to show Harris smoking marijuana while sitting behind the steering wheel of a car.

“I’ve always had this in the back of my head, but never had the courage to tell my parents that this is what I want to do,” Harris said.

Harris says his album is slated for a June 1 release, and he’s worked with the same producers who’ve dropped hot beats for the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

“I try to take advantage of every opportunity I get, and for him to like my music and reach out to me, I really appreciated that,” Harris said.

I’m all for following your dreams, but someone should have told Harris that he could have pursued his rap career and still pursued higher education.

What really upsets me, is that Harris is a horrible rapper in my opinion.  His announcement has gotten him several thousand more views to the video, but all the responses and comments are negative.


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  • I now the area he is from-lol.. Thats the first problem(very nice area, no hard living), secondly he can’t spit at all.. he looks and sounds like a straight Nice kid trying to be hard. And third, does he realize that he can do both-lol.. I mean go ahead and rap homie, but get that free “edumacasion”.. I have never heard of any thugs coming out of richass Exton, Pa. Get a life young bull and go to school. Big Blue

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