Mike Woodson Upset About the Knicks All-Black Everything Attire

Knicks Black

I am trying to figure out how Mike Woodson didn’t know about this. Kenyon Martin was shouting about it for days and it was all over the news.

I guess he was so locked in on his work, that he wasn’t really paying attention, but once he found out after the Game 5 loss to the Celtics he was upset.

“I’m a little upset about that, and I’ve addressed that,” Woodson said after practice on Thursday. “… Things like that have just got to be, just kept outside the game and just concentrate on playing basketball.”

He said he “absolutely” would have prohibited the Knicks from wearing black if he had known about the idea.

“I made reference to our guys, you need to stay out of the papers and just concentrate on playing. That’s not important. What you’re wearing doesn’t have anything to do with how you play on the basketball floor,” Woodson said.

He added: “I’ve addressed that with our players, and that’s enough. The game is played on the floor, and that’s where it should be played.”

Don’t know if JR Smith got the memo before he hit the clubs on his days off, but the Knicks are still in control of the series, but they need to leave the clown act at home, if they want to finish off the Celtics.

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  • hopefully those knuckle heads got the message

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