Nate Robinson Crosses Kris Humphries out of his Shoes (Video)

Nate Kris


Ever since Kris Humphries got involved with Kim Kardashian, it seems like nothing ever goes right for him. There was the messy divorce after the sham of a marriage, rumors of her cheating on him, public ridicule, his minutes got cut and this is just the stuff I remember.

Well, last night the Brooklyn Nets forward had another embarrassing moment that he could add to his ever-expanding portfolio. During the fourth quarter of the Game 6 between the Nets and the Chicago Bulls, Humphries found himself guarding point guard Nate Robinson on the perimeter and I’ll let you see what happened.

Check the video out here:

H/T to Pro Basketball Talk for the video.

4 thoughts on “Nate Robinson Crosses Kris Humphries out of his Shoes (Video)

  • He shaked and baked him


    • He damn sure did.

  • When you dribble, stop, then start dribbling again – that’s called a double dribble.

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