Nate Robinson Gets a “We are all Watching” Commercial of his own (Video)


nate robinson-steve novak-shout out


Nate Robinson started from the bottom and because he’s had a number of stunning performances throughout the season and the playoffs, he’s getting a few of the perks that come along with being a household name; like his own commercial.

It seems like the NBA has noticed Lil Nate’sĀ ascendancy and has rewarded the Chicago Bulls point guard by featuring him on one of their “We are all watching” commercials, similar to Lebron’s.

Check the video out here:

H/T to the Basketball Jones for the video.


  1. Chicago!!!! Stand up, take a bow……even though we are known for killin’ folks, we are STILL a tough city–and our team shows how tough we are….Chi-town, baby!!!! Thats what we do……

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