Nationals Trainers Help Save Cameraman’s Life Following A Heart Attack

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A scary scene unfolded today as the Nationals were in Turner Field for a series vs the Atlanta Braves when a cameraman collapsed from a heart attack.

He went down in the media room and thanks to the quick thinking of Nationals trainers Lee Kuntz (pictured) and John Hsu the man is now recovering.

Time is of the essence in heart attacks and the two men wasted no time in providing aid. Yahoo Sports reports:

Kuntz and Hsu grabbed an automated external defibrillator that had only been installed in the visiting clubhouse a week ago and rushed to the aid of the man, who had lost consciousness and wasn’t breathing. Kuntz used the AED machine and CPR to revive the man, then waited for paramedics to arrive.

The man, described by Kuntz as in his late 50s or early 60s and named Ruben, was taken to a nearby hospital. At last report, he was in ICU.

Thank goodness that the defibrillator had been installed and that both men had proper training for emergencies such as this.

Hats off to these heroes.


Some very sad news has come out. Despite the heroic efforts of the two trainers the cameraman, named Reuben Porras, has passed away at age 61.

May he rest in peace.