Nazr Mohammed Apologizes For Pushing Lebron James

mohammed, Luck


We all knew it was going sooner than later. Mohammed finally apologizes for pushing Lebron in Game 3 Friday night.

Thanks to, Mohammed took to his twitter friday night and apologized to the fans and Bulls organization for being ejected and pushing down Lebron James after a foul.



Noticeably, Mohammed didn’t apologize to Lebron directly. I dont believe it was intentional, if you saw Game 3 in Chicago, you would have noticed that emotions were running high. It was a physical game, a game the NBA hasn’t seen in a long time, where players fought for every possession. Mohammed is a need for the success of the Bulls, he’s stepped up and proved himself an assist to the team with Rose making sure the sideline is fashionable.  The Bulls will definitely need him for Game 4, actually the Bulls need their entire roster for Game 4. Either way, this series proved to be everything an NBA fan could happen for, real basketball.