Nazr Mohammed Ejected For the Stone Cold Shove of LeBron James (Video)

LeBron James Shove

The shove wasn’t necessary by Nazr Mohammed and LeBron sold it like The Rock selling a Stone Cold Stunner. To me that makes it even and Mohammed shouldn’t have been ejected. Should have been double technicals and that’s it. Wasn’t like Mohammed threw a punch or did anything to hurt LeBron, just gave him an unneccesary shove.

Charles Oakley is just shaking his head right now.

Nazr Mohammed Shoves LeBron James

FYI, LeBron this is the proper way to sell a stunner.

3 thoughts on “Nazr Mohammed Ejected For the Stone Cold Shove of LeBron James (Video)

  • LMAO! But for real for real LBJ didnt sell that.That push was the real deal.Before anyone else says it.Look at LBJ arm when it hits the ground(that looks like an injury)Look close.

  • Looks like the refs blew another one BUT the first ref called a foul on James. Where did THAT foul go???

  • That was not a sell folks. Here’s why, look at the tape and you will see Nazr push of his toes and his heels lift up giving him thrust to shove LBJ. Now the shove came just as LBJ was turning back towards Nazr which mean he wasnt expecting the shove. Lastly, look how far LBJ slid on the floor before stopping. You would have to take a large step back to launch urself to slide that far. That was not a flop. Besides we all know especially from football that the second guy ALWAYS get caught! lol!

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