NCAA Penalizes Golfer For Washing Car On Campus

NCAA Fines Golfer For Washing Car

An unidentified women’s golfer in the Western Coast Conference was told that she’d violated NCAA rules when she washed her car using campus water from a hose that wasn’t accessible to other students.

The sanction was revealed when WCC basketball coach Eric Reveno tweeted about it.

The NCAA asked the golfer to pay the school $20 for the estimated cost of the water used.

A bit excessive ya think? This frivolous fine just let’s me know that the NCAA notices everything and holds a blind eye to what it wants to. Charging a student $20 for water knowing your projected revenue for 2012-2013 is $797 Million is egregious. What they should be doing is paying the athletes that this revenue is generated from instead of worrying about what kind of water is used to wash a car.

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  • I said it before and I will say it again, college sports is the second biggest scam in the United States! The first is adjustable rate mortgage bank loans!

  • but yet Johnny Football can sit front row at NBA games..hmmm

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