NCAA Wont Allow Kevin Ware To Receive Get Well Gifts

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The absurdity of the NCAA has struck again, and this time it’s putting a stop on get well gifts and dollar bills.

The overwhelming out pour of support for Kevin Ware since his devastating injury has been immense. So much love has been sent Ware’s way that he has his own ‘fan mail sorter’ at the University. Some fans have decided to up the ante and send Ware gifts, as well as cash, too–but there’s an issue, it violates NCAA policy.

Here’s a sampling of some of the things not permitted to be sent to Ware

via Yahoo:

A significant amount of the mail has been flagged for Return to Sender by Louisville’s compliance office because it violates NCAA rules. That stuff is in a separate bin, in a different room.

Gift cards for iTunes, restaurants and bookstores must go back. The box of T-shirts that read “Be Ware The Cards” on the front and “United Cards 5″ on the back will be shipped to the Daniel Pitino Shelter for homeless women and children in Owensboro, Ky. The guy who sent his business card, offering to cut endorsement deals for Ware, will not get through. Neither will the bags of herb coffee.

The cash must be returned, too. Plenty of people stuck small bills in greeting cards. Audrey from Louisville sent a dollar in a Get Well Soon card with a teddy bear on the front.

“The dollar is because I was raised well,” Audrey wrote, “and I don’t want the NCAA rules to come into play.”

They do. Even for a dollar.

Further than that, Ware can’t even accept dog toys for his dog Scar, who he got after his surgery and named in reminder of his injury.

This is just yet another example of when the NCAA goes too far, and gets so wrapped up in being judge and jury of everything in college sports that they forget their fundamental purpose–to protect the student athlete  and nurture him or her.

What part of accepting flowers or even a gift card is going to taint the sport? It’s silly over policing like this that makes students so inclined to pull ‘one and done’ seasons and high tail over to the pro’s as soon as they can.

The rule is understandable to a extent but exceptions have to made, the NCAA cannot keep operating as a soulless  nameless and faceless entity with no regard to human sentiment.

Not even a dollar…