Nerlens Noel Brings 7-year-old With Leukemia To Kentucky Derby With Him

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Kentucky Wildcats freshman sensation Nerlens Noel was in attendance at the Kentucky Derby this weekend and a special guest with him.

Noel who is currently rehabbing his torn ACL, took time out from his busy schedule to bring 7-year-old Leukemia patient Kelly Melton with him to Louisville so he could take in all the festivities.

Melton was recently released from the hospital, and Noel asked him if he would like to be his guest at the biggest horse racing event around according to the Courier-Journal. 

“I brought Kelly with me,”

“He struggles with leukemia and I’ve known him for a while. He’s been in the hospital for a while. He just got out the other day so I invited him here to come experience this with me. It’s my first and it’s his first so it’s a great opportunity for us to come out here and enjoy it.”

Kudos to Noel, who’s battling his own bit of adversity to look out for someone else, and make their wishes come true.

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