Niners Patrick Willis Kills Large Snake With Pellet Gun


This article can just be filled with Samuel L. Jackson Snakes on a Plane references but I’ll spare you the corniness. Niners All-Pro Linebacker Patrick Willis did wake up to an unwanted visitor though. According to Willis’ Facebook he found a large snake outside the back door of his Los Angeles hills home.

Willis did what any NFL tough guy would do…Grabbed a pellet gun and went one on one with the serpent.

Willis must be an amazing shot because he stopped the snake cold in it’s tracks. I’ve watched enough CSI to know that the splatter indicates that the snake was hit and killed by the first shot.

Willis had this to say on his Facebook page:

“Never a dull moment. I had an intruder in my house welcome to the hills……. Got em”

It’s official, Willis is one of the most fearless men in the League. I’ve seen 300 pound lineman run like toddlers at the site of bees or spiders, so Willis should be commended for his Indiana Jones-like skills.

3 thoughts on “Niners Patrick Willis Kills Large Snake With Pellet Gun

  • He should have pulled out his 9mm and bust a cap in that snake…..

  • You should have thrown in a picture of his hot Latina fiance, or perhaps they are now married. That is one spicy mamita. I think you guys should show pictures of WAGS even in cases where there is no drama.
    He was obviously protecting her, although the snake is not venomous and has probably helped keep the mice population low around his home.

  • It does matter what he does on his Property, for the simple fact its a 1 year misdemeanor to disarm any firearm in City Limits in San Francisco and almost all of Cali. And the fact he shot a reptile/snake without a Permit/licenses for such is another charge. So as it sits, he is facing 3 charges that can be bumped to Felony. People need to stop accepting what he did as good, and realize he BROKE the law in California. Pellet rifles are FIREARMS in the US. Fish and Wildlife has already been In contact with few of us, and they are taking it Seriously!

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