Notre Dame Paid Former Coach Charlie Weis More Than Brian Kelly In 2011


Former Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis made more from the university in the 2011 season than Brian Kelly, the man who was the actual coach at the time according to

Weis, now the coach at Kansas, received a buyout payment of $2.5 million from Notre Dame as part of the agreement for his 2009 firing, according to the Chicago Tribune, which used federal tax documents as its source.

Kelly only received $1.08 million from the school from July 2011 to June 2012, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t earn anything else.

“The current head football coach is permitted to receive compensation from external sources with prior written approval from the University,” the school noted. Income from outlets such as shoe companies would not have to be reported on the tax forms.

Weis received the same amount for the 2010 season, $2.5 million, in addition to the initial payment of $6.6 million after his firing.

The school is scheduled for additional annual payments through December 2015, Weis could receive a total of $18.9 million from Notre Dame, following four more payments of the same $2 million-plus figure from each of the past two seasons.

Between his stops in Kansas City, Florida and Kansas University, Weis has spent that whole time receiving two different paychecks, one from a place he no longer even works at.