Nuggets Ty Lawson Dating Ashley King From Bad Girls Club (Photos)


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Lawson seems to have a thing for the “Bad Girls Club”, he had some NSFW photos of him and BGC alum Natalie Nunn leaked in the past.  He has moved on from that to Season 6 Bad Girls Club Member Ashley Nicole King.

You can view some photos of Ashley above.  Since the Nuggets have been eliminated from the playoffs Ashley and Ty have been jet setting to various hot spots around the country.

ashley nicole king Ty Lawson 17 ashley nicole king Ty Lawson 116

You might be asking yourself where have you heard the name Ashley King before besides Bad Girls Club, well she has some interesting things to say about Dwight Howard in the past.

It appears she slept with Dwight for a purse back in the day.

ashley nicole king Dwight Howard

Cute girl, but seems like she will turn on you if things aren’t going well, so you have been warned Ty.

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  • That was not her who tweeted about sleeping with Dwight, her twitter was hacked!! I heard it was Natalie who hacked it after they fell out. Ashley doesn’t name drop

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