NY Rangers Coach John Tortorella Screams ‘F*ck You’ At Ref (Video)


black sports online john tortorella goes off with f bombs at linesman


Torts is just being Torts.

Rangers Coach and Darth Vader’s step brother, John Tortorella let a linesman have it during Thursday’s game 4 against the Bruins in the 3rd period.

After a delayed call by the officials let the Bruins have a second shot at a goal Torts proceeded to go crazy.

Tortorella of course has a reputation of being a hot head, but this kind of language is uncalled for.

Stay classy


  1. Although Tortorella is definitely lobbing F-Bombs at the officials (not uncommon for him), the audio you are hearing is not him, it is actually the Linesman responding to him…

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