OJ Simpson Gets a Shot at a New Trial


The reason OJ is in jail now has more to do with stupidity than anything crime he committed  Regardless, if you think he is guilty or not of murder everyone agrees considering the facts in that case he was very lucky to be found innocent.

Instead of just fading into the darkness, he continued to tempt fate, until eventually he was set up for the dumbest crime imaginable.

He wanted some of his memorabilia back, so he ran into a Vegas hotel with some goons to get it back. Everyone snitched on him, he had a terrible lawyer and so he ended up in a Las Vegas jail, where he is known as the GODFATHER and recently escaped an attempt on his life. He has exhausted most of his appeals, but according to Pro Football Talk he has one hail mary left.

Simpson has received a five-day hearing focusing on 19 specific points raised in support of the argument that his lawyer, Yale Galanter, botched the case so badly that Simpson deserves another chance to prove his innocence. Simpson contends, for example, that he advised Galanter of the plan to confront two dealers of collectibles in an effort to recover Simpson’s property, and that Galanter approved of the strategy. Also, Simpson claims that Galanter told Simpson that his testimony at trial wasn’t necessary, and that Galanter failed to tell Simpson that prosecutors had offered a plea deal that would have given Simpson a minimum of two years behind bars.

Simpson has exhausted his appeal rights at the state-court level in Nevada. He’s using the federal device known as the writ of habeas corpus in an effort to get a new trial that possibly would result in his freedom.

OJ probably has a valid argument, but don’t look for things to work out in his favor.