Oprah Winfrey to Interview Jason Collins


I would take credit for pointing out days ago this would happen, but it should have been so clear to anyone who uses their brain, so it wasn’t like I was going out on a limb.

These networks, media and entertainment sites could care less about Jason Collins is gay, all they see are dollar signs and ratings. They are going to milk this until every cow is begging for mercy. Collins will flash that smile and stroll all the way to the bank.


Jocks and Stiletto Jill has the details on how Oprah is going to line her pockets even more thanks the Mr. Collins.

Collins reflects on the worldwide reaction following his decision to reveal that he is a gay man and how he hopes his story will further the conversation around equality. Oprah and Collins are joined by his twin brother, former NBA player Jarron Collins, his parents Portia and Paul Collins, his sister-in-law Elsa Collins and aunt Teri Jackson, a San Francisco Superior Court judge and the first family member he came out to.

Kerry Rhodes has to be sick now. Especially considering he might not get another NFL gig.  All the attention, fortune and fame could have been his.