Panthers Want Cam Newton to Be More “Emotionally Balanced”

Cam Newton Closed Eyes

In layman terms they want Cameron to stop being in his feelings all the time, but they had to say it in a way that was politically correct.

Here is the quote.

One of the areas of focus this offseason for Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula is to get Newton to keep things on a more even keel emotionally when things might not be going as well as hoped.

“Probably the biggest thing for him is maintaining that balance,” Shula said, via the Associated Press. “Because everything around you during the football season is going to be up and down. The more you can continue to stay on an even plane and lead the group of guys around you, the more effective you are going to be as a quarterback.”

Cameron is a very talented quarterback, but as I have said many times, talent only gets you so far at that position in the NFL.  When everything is going well for the Panthers, Cameron is fine, but when it goes bad he mopes.  He is still young and people have to remember he had only one year starting in college and his team with undefeated, so he probably came into the NFL not knowing how to handle losing.

His two-year grace period is over, the Panthers have started terribly and finished strong both years, the third year is his time to put it all together.