Phil Jackson’s Opinion On Kobe Changed After Rape Accusation For Specific Reason


Phil Jackson has a new memoir out titled, “Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success.” , and in it he discusses a lot of things we were already aware of.  Jackson talks about his 11 Championship rings, he compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and he offers his Zen on all things basketball.

according to the L.A. Times, Jackson opens up a bit about a serious topic, and talks about how the sexual-assault charges levied against Bryant in 2003 temporarily changed his outlook on his star.

It “cracked open an old wound,” Jackson said, because his daughter was the victim of an assault on a date with an athlete, while still in college.

“Brooke expected me to get angry and make her feel protected. Instead I suppressed my rage — as I’d been conditioned to do during childhood by my parents … it left her feeling alone and unsupported. (In the end, after filing a report with the police, Brooke chose not to press charges.)

“The Kobe incident triggered all my unprocessed anger and tainted my perception of him. … It distorted my view of Kobe throughout the 2003-04 season. No matter what I did to extinguish it, the anger kept smoldering in the background.”

Those charges were dropped against Bryant in 2004, a few months after the Lakers lost to Detroit in the NBA Finals, but it took Phil Jackson until 2007 to fully trust and embrace Bryant again.