Pilar Sanders’ Publicist Quits Allegedly Working With Deion Sanders

pilar sanders says td jakes help deion hide money

How is it that famous people with all the money in the world still get caught up in crazy shenanigans? Well my theory is they are still human.

The crazy divorce fiasco between Pilar and Deion Sanders shows no signs of ending anytime soon, as every few days a new discovery surfaces keeping this saga ongoing. Pilar is now experiencing an unexpected blow as it appears her publicist Kali Bowyer has apparently dropped her as a client and has teamed up with her ex-husband Deion Sanders.

In a resignation letter received by Rhymeswithsnitch, Bowyer explains how she was lied to by Pilar on multiple occasions, and she has decided to forward any documents that she sees fit over to Deion.

I have officially resigned as the publicist for Ms. Pilar Sanders; it became evident that Pilar was providing me with falsehoods, via a multitude of sources and documents that have been brought to my attention. In addition, Pilar Sanders and Adenike Sanni aka Nikke Sanni [her ‘so called’ twitter witness] have apparently had a long-standing prior relationship with one another as well. 

Quickly following the ‘on record’ interviews, with not just one media outlet but a total of three; Cherry On Top, RumorFix, and New York Post’s Page Six, Sanni began to ask me how she could get into the entertainment business. As to the interviews Sanni did, with her claim of being a party to a conversation between Deion Sanders, Fred Hammond, and Mr. Banks, Sanni was audio recorded in more than one of those interviews and that tape is in process of being sent to Deion Sanders.

Nobody coached or guided Sanni during the interview process; she freely spoke to three different news agencies on her own accord. When it became public, that the book is in the process of being written, Pilar Sanders grasped for straws in hopes to cover up her false claims and flat out lies, in fear of being sued by Deion Sanders.

 As for the coming weeks, I will continue to forward the appropriate information and documentation to Deion’s camp.

Although Ms. Bowyer is attempting to show herself in the perfect light, while she publicaly draws speculations regarding Pilar’s character, it’s safe to say Ms. Bowyer isn’t as innocent as she proclaims.

Bowyer claims to once having an ongoing affair with comedian Chris Rock, where she once claimed he was the father of her child allegedly in her book Hollywood Child. However her claims were dismissed by Chris Rock publicist who insists a DNA test was taken as evidence.

My only question is why would Deion want to work with someone like this?

Pilar has to be more careful with who she selects as her publicist. When your publicist has a desire to be more famous than their client,  that’s when you know you didn’t pick someone who had the right intentions to begin with.