Ravens Ray Rice’s Home Burglarized; Money and Guns Stolen


An unusual amount of athletes homes have been burglarized lately. Two members of the Miami Heat and now Ravens running back Ray Rice.

Baltimore County police say the Reisterstown home of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was burglarized over the weekend, and $2,000 and two guns were stolen.

Rice wasn’t home last weekend, but a friend watching the house reported the burglary. Surveillance footage captured the robber breaking into the rear of the home and ransacking the house. Police say their investigation is ongoing.

2 thoughts on “Ravens Ray Rice’s Home Burglarized; Money and Guns Stolen

  • We are in a serious financial crisis! Instead of wasting money on bling bling and other types of worthless butter, these baby boy pro athletes need to start investing wisely in guns. Also they should hire 24 hour private security guards!

  • He BOUGHT guns, and they STOLE them. More security is a good idea, but at the end of the day, fame carries a cost and there is no such thing as perfect security. People try to make themselves feel better but, but the statistics don’t back up the effectiveness of having even more guns. I have no problem with gun ownership, but I don’t suspend reality for any cause.

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