Reggie Bush Compares Lions’ Offense To Saints’


The Detroit Lions went out and got Matthew Stafford a new toy to play with, when they acquired running back Reggie Bush in free agency.

Bush appeared on NFL AM this morning, and said that the Lions offense is similar to what you saw in New Orleans when he was there.

“As far as from an offensive perspective it’s a lot like what we did in New Orleans,” Bush said of the team he won a Super Bowl with in 2009. “It’s a lot of spread-open passing. Obviously we can attack downfield, and with the running game, a lot of screens, draws and stuff like that. Basically what I did in New Orleans, so running this offensive system has been pretty easy for me.”

Bush admitted that the new wide open offenses of the NFL fit right into to his strengths.

“I’ve always enjoyed being in the position that I am and doing what I do, being able to split out wide and catch balls so it’s great that offenses are going toward that direction,” Bush said.