Report: Anonymous NFL Player Says 30% Of League Uses HGH


The NFL has stringent test in place for Steroid’s and other performance enhancing drugs, but the one drug that has no testing in place, is currently being abused according to one anonymous NFC starter.

The anonymous player told Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that HGH use is “rampant” in the NFL.  The player estimated that 10-15 players per team use the substance.

As soon as the three letters are mentioned – H-G-H – the player laughs. Human growth hormone? In the NFL? Come on. HGH use is rampant, this NFC starter says.

“It’s like clockwork nowadays,” he said, estimating 10-15 players on each team use the banned substance. “Not tested and it’s easy to get. Nowadays, dude? In 2013? (Expletive) yeah. I’m just being real.”

During the NFL lockout from 2011, the players and owners both agreed that testing for HGH was needed.  Unfortunately no steps have been taken at this time to ensure that some form of testing for HGH has been put in place.

When talks of cleaning up the game were mentioned to the anonymous player, he laughed it off as if to say the game will never be clean.

“I say, just let guys do it,” he said. “This is our career. We’re putting on for fans. I say . . . HGH isn’t anything. I say, do it. . . . You’re going to get hit hard regardless whether you’re clean or not clean. It’s just a matter of how hard you get hit. I don’t care who’s taking it. A hit is a hit.”

My question is did this here anonymous player count himself among the 30% of the league using Human Growth Hormone, or was he just dry snitching to help protect this game we all love.

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  • I think the % is much higher.

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