Report: Atlanta Hawks Want Stan Van Gundy to Be Their Head Coach

FILE: Orlando Magic Fire Stan Van Gundy And Otis Smith

I think this would be a good landing spot for Van Gundy.

The Hawks have underachieved for years, even though they have solid talent, Van Gundy gets the best out of marginal players, so it might be a perfect fit.

With Larry Drew likely done as head coach of the Atlanta Hawks, general manager Danny Ferry has made Stan Van Gundy his top target to take over the team, Yahoo! Sports reported on Friday.

The website, citing league sources, says Ferry has contacted Van Gundy about the position, although the two have yet to meet in person to discuss the job. Yahoo! Sports also reported that Van Gundy hasn’t made a decision on whether he wants to return to coaching but thinks highly of Ferry.

2 thoughts on “Report: Atlanta Hawks Want Stan Van Gundy to Be Their Head Coach

  • WHY DO NBA Ownerships INSIST on Hiring Coaches without The STAR PLAYERS INVOLVEMENT Though… I Mean I KNOW FOR FACT Players aren’t going around SAYING “I Really WANT Stan Van Gundy as MY COACH” O_o SMDH

  • What make them think he will do better? I wouldn’t never blame coach for the mistake and it can be lots thing that went wrong. Either the player wasn’t play as good as they should have. All in all good luck hawks in the come season.

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