Report: Carmelo Anthony Wants The Knicks to Add Another Star to Roster

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Carmelo Anthony knows that he will never prosper with JR Smith as the #2 scorer on the Knicks. He knows that Amar’e Stoudemire will never regain his form, so he is going to push the Knicks to add another star to the roster.

Their options are limited, but according to this report via Pro Basketball Talk Melo has made his feelings known.

According to a source, Anthony has told a confidant he is concerned management will stand pat this offseason and said he believes the team needs to add a bona fide secondary scorer for the Knicks to take the next step and win a championship.

The source said Anthony loves combo guard Iman Shumpert, 22, and projects him as a superstar, but not for two seasons. The source also said Anthony privately wishes the club will add a significant piece to the roster and not be status quo.

The best the Knicks can do is probably sign some C+/B- players to try to help Carmelo out, but if he is looking for drastic changes that probably isn’t going to happen.

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  • He sure needs help. Stoudemire gets hurt every time he looks at a basketball court and Chandler has been exposed as a bum who’s living large because of the Dallas championship.

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