Report: Dwight Howard & Chris Paul Considering Superfriend Option With Hawks

Chris Paul Dwight Howard

Take these reports with a grain of salt. No one knows for sure what Chris Paul or Dwight Howard are going to do. I am going to assume CP3 has a better grasp of what he is going to do than Howard. I think the likelihood of them teaming up is remote, but you are going to hear about it from time to time.

This particular time comes from NBA Writer Mark Heisler. Here are his thoughts on the possibility of the Dwight and CP3 landing on the Atlanta Hawks.

A league source says Paul will check out other teams, as Howard is expected to do. If Paul leaves, it could pose a problem for the Lakers, who had enough already, if he and Dwight Howard decide to create a new option, joining up in Atlanta. Howard and Paul are pals. The Hawks can open up two maximum slots. They mused about Atlanta (D12’s from there, CP3 from North Carolina) years ago, before fate led them in other directions.

You will probably hear the same thing about the Mavericks shortly. It is still more likely both Howard and CP3 re-sign with their respective teams in LA. Keep an eye out on Paul, believe it or not I think he is the one more likely to bolt, to escape the Clippers curse even if it means leaving some money on the table.