Report: JR Smith Played With Fluid in His Knee During Playoffs

JR Smith Club 4

If your knee is hurting, you probably don’t want to be dancing and in tight club quarters every other night, but I digress.

Knicks slowly but surely are coming out with various reasons why they didn’t play well in the playoffs. First, it was Melo’s shoulder and now JR’s knee.

New York Knicks sixth man J.R. Smith played in the postseason with fluid in his left knee, a league source confirmed.

It is unclear if Smith will need to undergo a procedure to drain fluid from his knee at this point, the source says.

A second source close to the player said Smith started complaining about “knee pain” during the Knicks’ first-round series against the Celtics.  However, Smith did not mention the injury or any knee pain publicly during the playoffs or use it as an excuse for his poor play. He said after the Knicks’ Game 4 loss that he deserved all of the blame for the Knicks’ struggles against the Indiana Pacers.

No word if the fluid found in JR Smith’s knee was Hennessey.