Reporter who said Blackhawks had ‘Tremendous Amounts of Sex’ Fired

Susannah Collins



I’m sure we all remember the CSN Chicago reporter Susannah Collins from a few weeks ago when she slipped up on camera and said that the Chicago Blackhawks had ‘tremendous amounts of sex‘ this season. We won’t get the chance to see any other potential slip ups because apparently she has been fired by CSN.

Denying that it had anything to do with her slip up on air, CSN Chicago released this statement regarding the firing of Collins.

“Due to circumstances unrelated to her on-air remarks Tuesday night, Susannah Collins and Comcast SportsNet Chicago have parted ways,” Phil Bedella, vice president and general manager of CSN Chicago said in a statement. “We appreciate everything Susannah has contributed to our network over the past year and wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

Collins reportedly was featured in a series of Youtube videos that had vulgar language, sexual innuendo, and racial stereotypes. The Big Lead elaborates below.

The network apparently has not heard of Google. These videos are not bootleg copies of a tremendous amount of sex tape. The series of 16 videos, released by Middlebrow Media, includes such titles as “Douchebag Nation” where Susanna and co-host Sam Raddock report outside of Madison Square Garden on “douchebaggery” in college hoops, “Bedtime Reading” which includes quite a bit of sexual innuendo, and “Chocolate Thunder” that includes just about everything you need to get fired from a reporting job.