Rob Gronkowski Hitting Vegas Before 4th Arm Surgery & Possible Back Procedure


GRONK is going to get TURNED UP (that’s what the young people say) before hitting the operating table on Monday. I don’t have any problems with GRONK’s partying, because I haven’t seen it in any way affect his performance on the field.

The problems he is having with his arm isn’t party related and his back has been an issue since he was drafted. Probably not the best PR look from the Patriots point of view, but you can’t force him to stay at home and watch the Young and the Restless. Pro Football Talk has the details on GRONK’s Hangover plans in Vegas., a jet-sharing service, circulated an email late Friday afternoon offering four seats on the private plane that will take Gronkowski a teammate to Nevada.

“This Saturday night, share a cabin and fly privately with Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman from Boston to Las Vegas for a last-minute get away before Gronk goes for yet another surgery,” the email explains. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend time with a living Patriots legend. Gronk is offering 4 seats in the cabin.”

At least he was nice enough to bring Edelman along.

2 thoughts on “Rob Gronkowski Hitting Vegas Before 4th Arm Surgery & Possible Back Procedure

  • Thanks for telling us you dont “care” about Gronk’s partying. We were all so concerned you might care about his partying brotha!

  • If this guy was black, he would have been called all kind of name by the media, and internet tough guys, for his antics and immaturity…

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