Robert Guerrero’s Father on Mayweather: ‘He Ran like a Chicken’ (Video)

Ruben Guerrero



Robert Guerrero’s father Ruben Guerrero at the very least stayed consistent with his trash talk.

Even after watching his son get dominated by Mayweather jr. he still had some things to say about the undefeated boxer. Check out the video below courtesy of The Big Lead. Listen closely as you can hear Guerrero’s father yelling “He ran like a chicken!”

Regardless of what Mayweather did, Guerrero was dominated in all fashions during the fight. Let it go, Pops. It’s over.

3 thoughts on “Robert Guerrero’s Father on Mayweather: ‘He Ran like a Chicken’ (Video)

  • The woman beater beat Guerrero. This fight was a waste of time and money. Glad I didn’t pay for it.

    • The weman beater.Shut up,You hypocrite.I dislike you people so much.I know you could come up with a better critique then “women beater”.I will bet if gurr-agarbage would have won you would have prasied him but he didnt know like all trolls your little heart is broken.Money is 45-0 he deserves his respect.Duran beat his wife and the majority of boxer have (no to condone it ) and you single one of the greats out of many to speak on.Ill bet your white.

      • Ill bet your white.I apologize for that comment.Ill bet your a white ass hole.thats more like it.

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