Roc Nation Sports Wants To Represent Geno Smith


Geno Smith needs an image rehab, and Shawn Carter might be just the man to help improve Smith’s image and help put some money in his pocket on and off the field.

According to Thacover2, via sources with knowledge of the situation, Smith just finished wrapping up two days of meetings with potential agents and agency groups.

Those making their pitch to Smith included Joel Segal, Rick Smith of Priority Sports, Eugene Parker, Fletcher Smith, and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation agency.

CAA reportedly wasn’t involved in the process at all. Roc Nation Sports’ presentation came from a certified NFLPA agent who works for Jay Z.

The situation is frustrating for rival agencies, because Jay Z can directly recruit Geno Smith for Roc Nation Sports because he is not a certified NFLPA agent.

Jay-Z can directly contact Smith though to recruit Smith as a Roc Nation client for non-football representation.

Smith won’t make his decision until Monday at the earliest.