Roy Hibbert Says He’ll Speak Up Next Time & Ask to Be Put in the Game

Roy Hibbert

The Pacers can’t panic, but that is a game that was there for the taking and considering how infrequently the Heat lose, you can’t blow opportunities like the Pacers did.

No matter how people try to rationalize it, Hibbert should have been in the game and he knows it.

“I’ve grown as a player, this is my fifth year and maybe I need to start talking up more,” Hibbert told Yahoo! Sports in the losing locker room. “They pay me [max-contract money] for a reason.

“I didn’t say anything, and I wish I did. From now on, I need to speak up.”

One thing that people aren’t even thinking about is the psychological aspect of having Hibbert in the game, I bet LeBron thinks twice about driving, knowing Hibbert was roaming in the middle.

Just an unwise coaching decision by Vogel.

One thought on “Roy Hibbert Says He’ll Speak Up Next Time & Ask to Be Put in the Game

  • Can we all be honest? Lets assume roy hibbert was in the game.Do you really think it would have made a big impact? I dont,if bosh was on the block when the ball entered then i could see hibbert blocking it.However,bosh cleared the block and went to the 3 point line.Since bosh is hibberts man he would have went to the block as well.The play would have happen the same way.Also,Can anyone tell me when is the last time the officals called a foul with 2 seconds left?… I will wait.I think that was the pacers best game.

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