Senior Class President Suspended For Tweeting His HS Football Team Sucks

Wesley Teague

This might be the dumbest suspension I have ever heard of in my life. It literally took me reading the article twice to even understand why the kid was suspended.

Some of these high school administrators take themselves way too seriously.

The senior class president at Heights High School has been suspended for the rest of the school year and barred from most graduation activities for posting a tweet that school officials say insulted athletes at the school.

The tweet, posted on Wesley Teague’spersonal Twitter page Thursday, said: “‘Heights U’ is equivalent to WSU’s football team.”

It prompted angry reactions from some classmates who said Teague was disrespectful to athletes, particularly underclassmen who coined the phrase and sometimes use the hashtag “#HeightsU” on tweets about Falcon football or other athletic endeavors.

Wichita State University dropped its football program after the 1986 season.

So, the athletes at the school come up with a lame Heights U hashtag, a kid Tweets they are terrible to the point they shouldn’t exist like the Wichita State football team and that is was enough to get him thrown out of school?
It has been a while since I have been in high school, but if that is all it takes these days to get in trouble, half the school would be suspended.
If there is a lawyer out there in Kansas with nothing to do, please help out Wesley, this is ridiculous.


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  • yea this kid did nuthin wrong

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