Showtime Says Mayweather vs. Guerrero Will Do Over 1 Million PPV Buys


Numbers can always be manipulated or read in a way to make them look more favorable to one side or another. It is possible the people who leaked the Mayweather vs. Guerrero numbers were bad, did so because it was beneficial for them.  You know Top Rank would love to gloat that Mayweather drawing power has diminished, so maybe they were the leak.  Maybe it was HBO who Mayweather left for Showtime, who knows.

It is also possible the numbers were bad, but Showtime would never publicly admit that, so they say the numbers were good.

Either way, Showtime, Golden Boy, Canelo Alavarez and CBS all want one thing, a Floyd Mayweather fight in September. Those negotiations as we reported earlier are underway.