SNY Anchor Kirk Gimenez Pulls a Ray Allen, Tweets a DM, Panics & Deletes His Account


Kirk Gimenez

You have to be careful when sending those thirsty DMs. You should never send DMs via your phone.  I don’t care what type of phone you have, they are too fickle and one wrong move and this can be tweeted to the world.

Kirk Gimenez DM

Pretty smooth there Kirk. I have seen worse, but after he deleted his Tweet according to Deadspin he deleted his whole Twitter account.

Listen Kirk, I understand being a little embarrassed, but you could have sent this to someone who wasn’t your wife.


Come on back to Twitter Kirk, nothing to be ashamed of and share the young lady with the nice boobs with your brothers.

One last thing, Kirk is married. Pimp on, Kirk, Pimp on.


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