Soccer Moms Trying to Shut Down Strip Clubs in Atlanta


I know the exact block of strip clubs in Atlanta they are referring to. I can’t confirm or deny how I know of these strips clubs, let’s just say I was on assignment.

But, the moms in the minivans aren’t having it anymore and are trying to legally get them shut down.

At a zoning review board meeting at City Hall, dozens of strippers came with signs in hand to fight against a new ordinance that would shut down all strip clubs along Cheshire Bridge Road.

“If they don’t like it, they don’t have to come to our clubs. If they don’t like it, they should just move,” Danniell Granger said.

Granger is a stripper at Onyx. She said she’s danced for more than a decade, and as a single mom it was her only income to put food on the table and her son through college.


People who live in the neighborhood said the strip clubs targeted by this rezoning ordinance are bringing down property values and causing crime to go up.

“We are fed up with having our cars and homes broken into by the drug addicts who feed their habits through the illegal sex trade that occurs every day on Cheshire Bridge,” Courtney Harkness said.

In the end the zoning review board (I would love to see the people on this board), decided against rezoning, so the strip clubs live on for now.

Strippers have once again won the battle against Soccer Moms.

I bet half of the soccer moms husbands, were acting like they were for the strip clubs being shut down, but secretly hoping that wouldn’t happen. It isn’t the athletes and entertainers that keep the strip clubs business going, it is Joe 9-5 Business man who comes in every Tuesday on his lunch break or every Thursday after work while lying to his wife about a “late meeting”.

The soccer moms anger focused on wrong people.

CBS Atlanta 46

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  • Atlanta is such a ratchet, classless city.

  • Strip clubs are doing the soccer moms a favor……

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