Soccer Player puts Bloody pig Head in Teammate’s Locker Then Finds Brick in Car Window (Photos)

pig head


I enjoy a good prank like anyone else but this is taking it a bit too far.

According to a story in the Telegraph, defender Glenn Whelan of English soccer club Stoke City, thought it would be funny to put a bloody pig head in his teammate Kenwyne Jones’ locker.

Jones, a devout Muslim, was said to be so outraged when he found the pig’s head in his clothes, that stormed outside and put a brick through Whelan’s car windscreen.

The forward, who is from Trinidad, has told his teammates in the past, that he stays far away from pork because of his religion and also warned them to keep him out of their end-of-season pranks.



Stoke City is said to be investigating the incident and intends on meeting with Whelan, a native of the Republic of Ireland, to get an explanation for his behavior.

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Jones’ girlfriend Kissa Abdullah, posted a number of angry tweets about the incident.




I have to agree with Abdullah, the pig head prank is taking it too far, when taking into context Jones’ religious stance. It’ll probably rank pretty high on all-time sports pranks though.