Spurs Confirm Tim Duncan is Getting a Divorce, But Don’t Ask Him About It



Probably the last thing you thought you would hear doing the playoffs was Tim Duncan is getting a divorce, but nothing goes unnoticed these days, so even though Tim tried to keep it quiet, eventually it leaked.

With that being said the Spurs reminded members of the media that Duncan won’t be speaking on family matters.

Amy Duncan apparently filed for divorce in March according to court documents obtained by the San Antonio Express-News. Spurs spokesman Tom James confirmed Saturday that Duncan and his wife are divorcing.

Duncan did not speak to reporters after Saturday morning’s shootaround, but James says the center will not be discussing his family situation.

Shaq calls Duncan the Big Fundamental, so it isn’t surprising that Duncan had a prenuptial agreement in place way back in 2001 when he and Amy were married.

I wouldn’t expect this to have any effect on Duncan’s play on the court.


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